Horny girls from Virginia

It was summer in Virginia. This meant going to the river to swim and fish. I was planning to have a few friends go with me to the river and packing a cooler of beer and snacks to just go and chill. “Can we bring some girls along?”, my friend Tim asked. “I reckon.”, I said. “Let’s head out.” I jumped into my pickup, the boys agreed to meet me at the river accompanied by the girls that they wanted to bring. I was the first to arrive at the river. I opened a bag of ice and emptied it into a cooler and placed two twelve pack of beer throughout the ice. The cooler full of snacks was already chilling on ice. I set up everything in the bed of my truck. Just as I was finishing the set up I saw Tim’s truck heading to its destination beside mine.

On the back of his truck were three beautiful, scantily clad women. One woman stood out because she was the only blonde. She was wearing a bikini top and cut off shorts, and she was barefoot. Everyone jumped out of Tim’s pick up and headed toward the coolers full of snacks and beer. I decided to go and talk to the tall blonde who I could not take my attention from. She introduced herself as Alicia while pulling a beer from the cooler. “Would you like to sit in the shade under that big oak tree, Alicia?”, I asked. “That would be great she said with a cheery smile. We sat together and sipped our beers. After a minute I placed my chilled, half-full beer bottle on the back of her neck. She giggled and pushed me away trying to tickle me. I laughed and pulled her closer trying to untie her bikini top accidently on purpose. She must have caught on to what I was trying to do because she untied her bikini top and let her big beautiful tits bounce freely. Making sure that we were out of view of the others she put my hands on her tits. I sucked and bit her nipples.

She reached her hand down to reach for my dick which was not at all difficult to find because it was completely erect. She undid my pants and slid them down just enough to expose my erection. She removed her shorts and toyed with my dick, stroking it and making it throb. Sensing my anticipation she sat in front of me and straddled me. I put my hands down to cup her ass as I felt her pussy stretch to let in my throbbing cock. I held her ass as she bounced up and down on my dick, both of us trying hard not to scream or make too much noise that would alert the others to what we were doing. She continued to bounce up and down as my hands moved from her ass to her bouncing tits. I took them both in my hands and buried my face between them. I licked and bit her nipples until I felt her climax biting my neck as she did so. I thrust up into her pussy pounding hard until I climaxed.