What Does a Landscaping Company Do?

A landscaping company takes care of a client’s outdoor areas by planting trees, bushes, flowers and grass. It can also take care of weeds, insects, and other issues that affect the aesthetics and function of the yard. A landscaping company can also perform a variety of maintenance services, including mowing, mulching and trimming shrubs and bushes. Many landscape companies provide other seasonal services, such as snow removal, to make it easier for customers to work with the same contractor year-round.

What is most cost effective for landscaping?

A landscape company can also provide water management services. This includes helping customers choose plants and shrubs that can survive in their climate and provide water conservation. It can also help clients build gardens that attract birds and pollinators, which can be good for the environment.

Landscaping companies often have a large inventory of equipment. They may also have a fleet of vehicles and trucks for servicing client properties. They may have certifications from professional organizations or hold liability insurance for property damage and bodily injury. If you hire a landscape contractor, request proof of insurance coverage before hiring them.

Some landscape business owners feel that performance reviews are a waste of time, but if done right, they can have a positive impact on employee retention and the overall success of a landscaping company. To get the most out of performance reviews, be sure to set expectations in advance and make it clear whether they are tied to compensation or bonus structures.

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