Warrant Search in Florida

Florida’s law enforcement officers have access to a state-wide warrant search system that allows them to look for outstanding arrest and search warrants in all counties in the state. Individuals may also visit the clerk’s or sheriff’s office websites for specific counties in order to find information about warrants in their name. In addition, individuals may visit the FDLE website to use its Wanted Persons search tool. Requesting parties can input their case number, names, race, age, and gender in order to identify if there is an active warrant in their name in the system.

How long do warrants last in Florida?

In general, a warrant check florida means that a judge has issued a piece of paper authorizing police officers to search or arrest an individual. Judges only issue search and arrest warrants after examining available complaints and evidence in a case, and determining that there is probable cause that a crime has been committed.

The same rules that govern the admissibility of evidence and the liability of officers for illegal searches and seizures apply to warrants in Florida. This is why it’s important to have a Miami criminal defense attorney at your side, if you discover that you have an outstanding warrant in your name.

An arrest or search warrant may impact your ability to travel, especially in other countries. Airlines, cruise lines, and other travel agencies frequently run names through databases looking for warrants that might prevent someone from boarding the ship or flying to their destination. You may also be unable to obtain a passport, if you have an arrest or search warrant in your name. In these cases, you should speak with a Miami criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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