Vintage Sports T-Shirts

Sports t-shirts are a classic look that never goes out of style. They pair well with vintage jeans and a blazer or can be dressed down for a grunge style. Boxing, baseball, basketball and wrestling tees are all great choices to show off your team pride. The Muhammad Ali victory in the ring tee shirt is the perfect tee shirt for any boxing fan to show off their love of boxing and Ali.More

What is a Vintage T-Shirt?

Technically, a vintage t-shirt is any shirt that is twenty years old or older. But there is some debate about how old a t-shirt must be to be considered vintage. Most vintage sellers agree that any shirt over 20 years old is bonafide vintage.

The term vintage differs from antique, which refers to items that are 100 years or more old. Vintage is also different from retro, which refers to styles that are popular in the recent past. When it comes to vintage t-shirts, the term describes a style that recreates the nostalgia and soft, worn feel of decades-old t-shirts.

To create a vintage look, screen printing techniques are used to reduce ink levels and produce a faded print. The fabric weight is also reduced to produce a thinner, lighter feel. Also, dark-colored shirts usually require a white under base to offset the ink so that it prints true to color. This extra printing layer increases cost and production time. Some manufacturers also use crackle print and washed-out effects to replicate the appearance of a shirt that has been washed and worn for years.

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