Strength and fitness

Strength and fuctional fitness is about the capacity to perform a wide range of physical tasks. It is about having the capability to overcome any challenge that may come our way, and having a strong belief in our own ability to achieve what we set out to do.

How do you measure strength and fitness?

– Muscular strength : this is the ability of a muscle to exert force over a short period of time. It can be measured through various weight-lifting exercises.

2. Muscular endurance : this is the capacity of muscles to contract repeatedly over an extended period of time without significant fatigue. This can be achieved through resistance training and aerobic exercise. Learn more

3. Body composition : this is the body’s balance of lean and fat mass. This is an important component of health fitness as it helps to maintain a healthy weight and can also be used to assess health.

4. Body coordination : this is the ability to move more than one body part in a coordinated fashion. This is an important component of fitness for many sports and can be improved by practice, concentration and meditation.

5. Balance : this is the ability to maintain an upright posture and avoid falling down or moving out of control when performing different types of activities, such as jumping on a trampoline, crunch balance, tumbling etc.

6. Quick reaction time : this is the ability to react quickly to situations or combination of movements e.g catching a short and soccer or handball dodging in basketball. This is an important component of fitness and can be developed by practicing reaction time testing, such as the ruler drop test.

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