Sports Relays

A relay allows athletes to cover more distance in a race without having to worry about the logistics of planning and executing individual segments of a route. Whether your team is running a marathon or an elementary school-wide track meet, a relay race is an excellent way to get kids moving and competing as a team. More info

A runner in a relay is known as an outgoing or incoming runner. An outgoing runner is the last member of a team to finish a leg of the race. An incoming runner is the first teammate to start a new leg of the race. The outgoing runner hands off a baton to his or her teammate by entering the “exchange zone” (a 20-meter area where the outgoing runner must be in order to receive the baton).

Incoming runners must stay within their lane when receiving a baton. Dropping a baton or failing to hand it off within the exchange zone results in disqualification.

Coaches Corner: Strategies for Training Winning Relay Teams

Relay games are best when students are not on teams of more than 4-6 players. Too many teammates means that students spend a large portion of the activity waiting for their turn to participate.

A modified relay is a great way to teach kids the importance of being alert to what their teammate is doing and when it is their turn to take action. For example, a number, letter or word-calling relay helps kids learn to focus and be ready when their name is called for them.

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