Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy duty casters are a vital part of many industries. From warehouses to manufacturing plants to aircraft assembly plants, heavy duty casters provide the support necessary to move large and heavy equipment.

Are all caster wheels the same?

The main goal of these casters is to provide maximum strength. They come in a variety of styles and materials. While some are made of solid elastomer or thermo-plastic rubber, others are made of metal, plastic or polyurethane.

Typically, a heavy duty casterwheels has a wider load-bearing swivel section and thicker components. Some also feature a swivel lock and wheel brake. These features make it easier for workers to manually move items in and out of the work area.

Forklifts, drill presses, mobile workbenches, mobile cranes and other industrial tools require the support of heavy duty casters. They are available in a wide range of materials and designs to meet the needs of many businesses.

There are two types of heavy duty casters: swivel and rigid. Swivel casters have wheels that can rotate 360 degrees. They can be used independently, or in tandem, to turn corners. Rigid casters can only roll forward.

It is important to know which type of caster you need before you start shopping. Selecting the right caster for your application can be confusing. In order to find the perfect caster for your heavy equipment, it is helpful to first know what type of load capacity your equipment requires. You can do this by dividing the weight of your equipment by the number of casters you need.

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