Gym Outfit Ideas For Women

gym outfit women

Women are more active than ever and have the zeal to visit their gym, but they may be reluctant to do so because they don’t feel confident in their workout gear. By spicing up their workout wardrobe with these stylish outfit ideas, they’ll be ready to break a sweat while staying comfortable.

Leggings are a gym outfits female, and these days there are boundless options to choose from. While she’ll want to look for a pair that fits close to the body for ease of movement, she should also think about length. If she’s prone to chafing, she may want to go with a capri-length option, or, if she’s a fan of the “leggings as pants” trend that Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are rocking, she can opt for full-length options that cover her ankles.

Gym Goddess: Fashionable and Functional Gym Outfit Ideas for Women

A good pair of shorts is important for high-intensity exercises such as boot camp, spin or a HIIT class. She’ll want to pick a pair that is made from moisture-wicking fabric that will nip chafing in the bud. She’ll need a sweat-resistant tank top and a cute pair of Nike sneakers to complete her gym ensemble.

If she’s looking for a streamlined outfit that is both comfortable and chic, she should consider a yoga suit from brands like Alo Yoga. This form-fitting set features a sports bra and matching leggings in a calming shade of plum that will help her find her inner zen during downward dog or cobra pose.

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