Global Talent Stream

Global Talent Stream (GT Stream) is currently among the many streams of Canada’s temporary foreign worker program (TMP). It’s a pilot program which has been designed to help Canadian employers and businesses in hiring highly skilled foreign workers with the goal of enhancing innovation and in retaining the most competent workers. The program offers a fast track to acquiring highly skilled workers who may be needed in the short to medium term. As opposed to the regular employment strategies, the aim of the Global Talent Stream program is to give immediate access to the best foreign professionals on arrival to fill available work places.

Provides a Pool of Highly Skilled Foreign Workers to Canada

One of the main features of the Global Talent Stream program is the so-called mandatory benefit coverage for the temporary foreign workers in Canada. In this regard, it is a fact that not all countries accept the same kind of benefits package for the new arrival workers. For instance, some countries do not provide any mandatory benefit coverage, while some others offer it. While in some other countries the program also prescribes the kind of work that the workers are entitled to perform based on their experience and the nature of their job. Generally speaking, the Global talentstream offers a very valuable service to the Canadian employers and businesses by providing them with the best available resources for the temporary employment of highly skilled foreign professionals.

With regard to the worker acquisition policy in the Global talentstream, there is also an opportunity to upgrade their status as temporary foreign workers in Canada under the points system of the program. With this privilege, the new workers in Canada are provided with an opportunity to increase their skills and qualification as per the requirement of the employer in the fast-growing industry sector of Information technology. However, as an immigrant you may have to provide proof of your social security number and permanent residence status as a Canadian citizen or resident. To enhance the efficiency and productivity of the employers of the Global talentstream, Canadian immigration authorities also allow employers to recruit their employees from the European countries under the points system, thereby providing a large pool of skilled foreign workers in Canada.

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