Full Length Socks For Runners

full length socks

Full full length socks | GAIN THE EDGE are designed to go past the ankles and hit right around mid-to-upper calf. They’re a favorite among runners for a number of reasons, including durability, comfort, and style.

They’re also a great choice for everyday wear, as long as you have the proper shoes. They’ll keep your feet cool, dry, and odor-free on hotter days.

The best full length socks are made with natural fibers like merino wool, but are also durable enough to handle abrasion and friction between the sock and shoe. If you’re looking for a durable sock that will hold up to heavy wear, opt for a blend of nylon and polyester in high-wear areas like the forefoot, heel, and achilles.

The Benefits of Full-Length Socks: Why They Might Be the Best Choice for Your Next Workout

Runners also love compression socks, which offer graduated support to reduce venous pressure and aid in post-exercise recovery. They are often available in knee-high and thigh-high lengths to ensure proper fit and comfort, and can be useful for those with blood pooling issues caused by long periods of sitting or standing.

A great option for those with plantar fasciitis, these compression socks feature ribbing through the arch to mimic the natural movement of the foot’s ligaments and provide added support. They’re lightweight and breathable, too. The heel tab prevents blisters, and terry fabric keeps sweaty feet from absorbing moisture. They’re an excellent choice for any runner with plantar fasciitis, and the compression helps support the foot while alleviating pain.

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