Carpet Cleaning Pre Spray

Pre spray helps break up and loosen stains, oil, and heavy soil that is hiding deep inside carpet fibers. This allows you to use less water and soap during the shampooing process. It also helps with odor removal and makes the carpet feel soft and fluffy after cleaning.

There are a few different types of carpet cleaning pre spray available on the market. Some are liquids that can be sprayed on the carpet and some come in a powder form that you can sprinkle on the carpet before scrubbing with a broom or brush to get into crevices. Some of these powders can also be used as a spot cleaner.

Some prespray chemicals are formulated for different conditions like light or heavy soiling or for different carpet construction and fiber types. They may contain ingredients like specialized polymers, encapsulating surfactants, sequestrants, and alkaline builders to help break up and dissolve problem soiling and reduce dry time.

The Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning Pre-Sprays: What They Are and How to Use Them

Professionals that specialize in cleaning carpet know the importance of using a good pre spray before applying any shampoo or detergent to a home or commercial carpet. The right prespray will bind with dirt particles and prevent them from being picked up by the vacuum cleaner during cleaning so they do not re-deposit back into the carpet.

One such product is the dilutable soap free, odor free, and Green Seal certified PROCYON Extreme carpet concentrated pre-spray. It is specifically designed for counter rotating brushes (CRB), all encapsulation cleaning systems, and wool safe. It can be applied with an in-line injection sprayer, pump-up sprayer or a battery/electric powered sprayer. The prespray should be allowed to dwell on the carpet for a few minutes before agitating it with the CRB machine or a wool bonnet.

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